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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the memorial grows for the father and daughter killed during their saturday morning bike ride when an suv loses control. live in concord with what investigators are now looking at. and new accounts in the fatal crash between a bicycle and a pedestrian raise questions about the cyclist. what witnesses say they saw before it happened. and it could get harder to light up in san jose. why the city's considering a ban on smoking. and a live look at the bay bridge very early on this monday, april 9th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning, everyone. it is 4:30 right now. we welcome back this young lady next to me. hi, everybody. i'm john kelley. >> we have a who lot to get to this morning. let's check that forecast with christina loren. >> welcome back. good morning to you. new workweek for some of you, a lot of kids have the week off. and what i can tell you is this is one of the drier days in the extended period. we've got a lot of rain headed our way this morning. grab your jacket, leave your umbrella at home. i will time out this potent system on its way to the bay area as he head throughout your morning hours. mike's following an accident in san jose. >> that's right. let me take you through the video. this is the dramatic part. seen at monterey highway a few minutes ago. this car went into a power pole. you see the cleanup going on here. no word on the injuries, but the driver was taken from the scene.
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sounds like nothing serious as far as the impact to traffic, remaining cleanup. a few yards are closed right now, but they had the full highway closed for a few minutes. here we go on the south bay. this is where it is. the rest of the freeway has been fine, may have an issue for the next half hour or so. i'll track this and let you know if it's going to impact your morning commute. probably not, guys. back to you. >> thanks. this morning, a concord family dealing with a loss. >> a father and daughter out for a saturday morning bike ride were hit and killed by an out of control suv. now, stephanie, investigators are trying to figure out what the teenage driver was doing just before the crash. >> that's right. they're looking into everything from possible cell phone use to speed, trying to figure out what caused this 17-year-old driver to lose control of the suv, the escalade and drive up here on the sidewalk where you see the memorial grows for that father and daughter. about 200 people, actually,
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gathering here last night for a candle light vigil to pay their respects, remembering 41-year-old and his 9-year-old daughter. police say they were riding their bicycles with helmets on when the teen driver crashed into a fire hydrant hitting and killing them both. >> it was a perfect family. everybody dreams of a family like that. and she had that. she had that perfect family. perfect daughter, perfect husband, but who would've thought, you know, a bike ride would change their life? one bike ride. >> nuri's 12-year-old daughter was also with them, but she suffered only minor injuries. police are looking into cell phone records to see if that 17-year-old was on his cell phone at the time. it is standard also to perform toxicology tests to rule out alcohol and/or drugs. and witnesses report seeing the driver speed here. and right now that 17-year-old is facing charges of
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manslaughter, could be days before he finds the official cause of this crash. live in concord this morning, today in the bay. well, this morning, san francisco police say witnesses are coming forward who say they saw a bicyclist run a red light and stop signs before crashing into an elderly man who later died from his injuries. he could face manslaughter charges for crashing into the 71-year-old man in the city's castro district 11 days ago. bucari claims he did not break traffic laws, but witnesses say they saw him speeding through a lot of lights. the d.a.'s office has not announced whether he will face charges. a disturbing discovery in san francisco's sunset neighborhood. police investigating right now racial graffiti on several homes near 23rd avenue and lincoln way. it was discovered early yesterday. police say the homes were vandalized and spray painted with offensive words. it is 4:34 now. a gilroy neighborhood is shaken
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up after two brazen robberies. the first attack happened before 10:30 saturday night on a street called independent order of odd fellows avenue. police say two men got into the back of a taxi and demanded money. they punched the driver and got away with some cash. five minutes later in virtually the same spot, investigators say someone robbed another man at knife point. >> some officers during the night, but i think we need a little more just because, you know, they come more often, or i don't know. because, yeah, that's really scary. two robberies within five minutes? that's just scary. >> at this point, gilroy police don't believe the crimes are connected. and a teenager accused of killing an infant and wounding the baby's parents is due in court today. sarigoza is charged with
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spraying a car with 15 bullets last june as the family left a party in east palo alto. 3-month-old isaac garcia was shot in the head and killed. investigators say saragoza mistook the family for rival gang members. lawyers will meet with a judge to go over the case. there are renewed calls to go over charges against 13 occupiers. 13 are facing charges for refusing to leave the set-up five months ago. their supporters will hold a rally at the same spot. they say the protesters were arrested and beaten merely for linking arms at that sight of the occupy camp. well, san jose could become the next city to ban smoking in some outdoor areas. voting this week on an ordnance that would ban smoking in line where people wait for services and the common areas of apartment complexes. supporters say the goal is to reduce people's exposure to secondhand smoke. the vote on the proposed ban is
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set for tomorrow night. well, san francisco children may not get a free ride on muni after all. the plan to provide free muni passes could be derailed by the agency that was supposed to fund it. directors for muni say they will approve the free passes for low-income children if only the commission provides $5 million in funding. several members of the mtc now say they are skeptical of using regional money for a project that would only benefit san francisco. well, a ground-breaking study sheds new light on autism research. scientists say they've found a link between autism and a mother's weight during pregnancy. the study found women who are obese during pregnancy are 60% more likely to have a child with autism and twice as likely to have a child with a developmental delay. the study found children without autism whose mothers were obese during pregnancy also had
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deficits in problem solving and language, though not as severe. >> it is 4:37 right now. time for a check on your weather. today's not too bad. >> today's probably the best day of the entire week if you want to get outdoors and i'm including the upcoming weekend. this morning, it's mild. temperaturewise, we're in the 50s in some cities, 50 degrees in oakland and san francisco, 4 in san jose. you'll need a jacket, kind of a cool start. you can peel off by noon today, we are talking about the 70s we've enjoyed over the past couple of days. we'll hold on to the 70s for one more day. really potent system getting its act together in the pacific. we've got a couple systems slated to impact the bay area. so rain as of tomorrow, take a look at this system. it's actually encompassing a very widespread area. it's going to drop into tonight. we're going to see a few north bay showers. you want to keep that in mind.
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spring-like showers. temperatures able to climb into the 70s under a ridge of high pressure that's going to keep control for one more day. up to 71 in san jose, 68 in santa rosa. will time out that system and let you know when the rain showers arrive. we'll check on that accident in san jose with mike. >> just a few yards of the roadway blocked one lane. over here, we need to know what was going on at 580, 680, westbound 580 at that junction with 680, we had a stall which turned into an accident scene, fortunately no major injuries. and in the last few minutes, chp has updated both lanes are open -- all lanes are open heading over both directions of 680. smooth flow for 580. we were worried about that because we've seen the commute build up earlier in the past few weeks, except for the spring break traffic now. and a live look out there shows you what things are like for 880
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coming up past the coliseum. a smooth drive past the oakland coliseum with the taillights southbound, no problems down to the san mateo bridge. pretty calm over the bay. back to you. >> thanks. >> just about 4:40. drivers in may need to change their commute today. calaveras is closed beginninging this morning. the road, though, will be open on weekends. a major airline is departing oakland international airports for good. united airlines will be pulling out of the airport on june 4th. united only services about 1.5% of the airport's passengers with only 11 weekly flights to denver. that's not enough to maintain service there, so travelers booked on flights between oakland and denver will be offered other united flights or they'll get a refund. well, coming up, our first taste of how investors will react to friday's disappointing
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jobs report, how politicians are reacting, as well. a deadly shooting spree in oklahoma. we'll let you know how this all happened. and he was a television giant. how broadcast legend mike wallace is being remembered today. and, of course, for all your news, weather, traffic, and all sorts of good things, check us out on facebook. search cbayarea news.
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good morning, everybody. welcome back. here's a live look at the traffic on 101 heading through san rafael. traffic moving along just fine. we'll check the morning commute with mike in a moment. it is 4:44. two men behind bars in oklahoma this morning accused in the shooting spree that killed three men and injured two. 19-year-old jacob england and 32 alvin watts expected to be charged with three counts of first-degree murder. all three victims in this case were african-american, police are looking into whether the murder of england's father by a black man did play a role. friday's shootings happened on the two-year anniversary of his death. investigators say it's too early at this point to say if the suspects will be charged with hate crimes. well, cleanup continues in virginia beach from the crash of navy jet -- navy f-18 fighter jet there. friday's crash destroyed five buildings at an apartment complex, and unbelievably, there
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were no fatalities. both pilots were able to eject safely. the navy blaming mechanical failure for the crash and offering compensation for the people's homes that were destroyed. after friday's report on jobs and unemployment. the unemployment rate fell slightly, but businesses created half as many new jobs in march as in january. rather, as in february, after several months of progress, this latest report is raising questions about what if the recovery has hit a stand still. republicans are blaming president obama. >> he's rudderless on the economy. he doesn't know what to do. it is wake up on monday and figure it out. >> democrats defend the president pointing to 26 months of growth. overseas markets slipped after the news of the report. the nikkei lost 1%, shanghai's composite dropped slightly. today, we are getting the
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first look at how wall street will respond to friday's unemployment report. for that and the rest of the news, we turn to brian shactman at cnbc headquarters. brian, good morning. >> thank you very much. and there could be a sea of red at the opening bell. futures sharply lower at this hour as you said. investors get their first chance to react to friday's jobs report because they were closed for good friday. 120,000 jobs, a big disappointment, that 8.2% unemployment, that's mostly due to discouraged job seekers dropping out of the labor force. europe is closed for the easter holiday today, actually. no economic data today, but this week we do get reports on report prices, inflation, and consumer sentiment. thursday, the dow fell 14 points to 13,060. the nasdaq was up to 3,080. prices at the pump edging up again. regular unleaded rising nearly 4 cents in the past two weeks to a national average of $3.96 a
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gallon. it's arranging 4.35 in the san francisco area and 4.25 in san jose. the one sliver if you can look for any good news is that the 4-cent increase was smaller than the 11-cent increase a few weeks ago. i don't know how much good news that actually is. at&t extending contract talks with a major union after failing to reach a new deal this weekend. the communications workers of america represents about 40,000 employees in the northeast, midwest, and the west. the union had threatened to strike because at&t is threatening cuts to health care and pension plans. that's it. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. well, despite this cool spring out here, this warm winter shedding all kinds of records across the country. temperatures were 8.6 degrees above normal for march and 6 degrees higher than average for the whole year. weather patterns like la nina started that warm start to 2012 and the unusual heat has been
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confined to north america. the rest of the northern hemisphere has been pretty chilly. kind of cold out there. well, mother nature provided a pretty nice easter day yesterday, but it was a little bit windy, though. >> yeah, it was sunny and it wasn't raining. and we we've got a lot of rain on the way this week. and you might notice my partner a little sniffly. we've got a high pollen count. we are going to see a much lower pollen count as we head through the next few days. we've got rain on the way to the bay area. and quite a bit of it. we are talking about maybe 1 to 2 inches even right here in san jose. more like 3 inches up through the oakland hills as we head throughout the next couple of days. at noon, you're going to be at 65 degrees in fremont, 67 in san jose, and 52 degrees in san francisco. we're going to see quite a contrast today between cities north of the golden gate bridge and those south of the golden gate bridge because the clouds will increase today. limiting your sunshine in the north bay and maybe producing a
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few light showers. as of tonight, the bulk of the moisture does not come through until we meet back here tomorrow morning. we've got the clock at 2:00 a.m. bulk of the moisture still sitting offshore at that point, but by 4:00 a.m., nice, slick conditions over the bay area, you'll want to give yourself extra time tomorrow. and if you've got those kids home with you for spring break, plan on indoor activities. we'll get periods of rain as we head throughout tuesday by wednesday. just a little bit of rain in the early morning hours and clearing, turning spotty in terms of your showers for thursday, late thursday into friday. another system arrives. take a look at the difference between your temperatures, as well, between today and what we're expecting by friday. major dip in your temperatures. and we finally get out of that rainy pattern as we head to sunday. keep that umbrella handy, guys, we'll continue to time out that system throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, the broadcasting world
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bidding farewell to a television giant. mike wallace passed away this weekend. >> you haven't answered the question, mr. president. i have no intention of leaving until you tell me what's on your mind. wallace's interviewing style made him an icon in journalism. a long list of infamous news makers. wallace continued to land big-time interviews for the program. he told the late tim russert he wanted to be remembered with three words. >> how should we remember you? >> tough but fair. >> tough but fair, amen. >> simple and on point. wallace passed away on saturday, he was 93 years old. 4:50 now. still ahead on "today in the bay." a new golf champion is crowned. >> also, what in the world happened to the giants? a team blows a 6-0 lead. and they drop the game to the diamondbacks. an unfortunate recap next.
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we're looking at 880, a smooth drive here and nothing big upsetting this so far. we'll see how the rest of your commute shapes up this monday morning. es cells
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and a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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i drove across this yesterday. it was a nice day in the city. a little overcast. we'll check the forecast with christina. today, it is 4:53. fans waking up a little concerned and a little bummed out after what happened last night in arizona against the diamondbacks. a two-run homer from buster posey, but san francisco up 6-0, top of the third, on a roll, right? not so fast. yeah, the giants didn't score the rest of the game. bottom of the sixth, ryan roberts, that's a two-run, the diamondbacks want more and get more. the rally is on. the diamondbacks with seven unanswered runs. giants lose this one 7-6. ouch. well, the golfing world crowned a new champion at the masters in augusta. bubba watson claiming his first major title. both finishing the final round at 10 under par.
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watson played a brilliant shot under the tree. and the victory to bubba goes the spoils and the coveted green jacket. >> just a natural. 4:54, one oakland golf course is breaking with the 18-hole tradition and going for 100 instead. they're hosting a 100-hole golf-a-thon to raise money for at risk students. 20 golfers will pair up to hit hundreds of golf shots from dawn until dusk. teeoff is at 8:00 this morning in oakland. >> sounds like a nice little program there. >> yeah. we'll see how nice it is out on the roads. mike here to tell us about the post easter run. >> things are moving along smoothly for highway 4, you guys. last week, a lot of spring breaks, this week, other spring beaks, a lot in the east bay. we will see a different traffic flow. highway 4, not a problem, but overnight starting tonight, the rest of the week, looks like
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westbound will have closures and full closure of the freeway. from midnight to 3:00, shouldn't be a problem for the commute. highway 24, 680, as well, walnut creek interchange. caldecott tunnel moving nicely, as well. all approaches to the bay bridge. we'll get a look at the san mateo bridge and crossing the bay. westbound to 92, taillights away from us. high-rise, no problems for winds, although the conditions will definitely change as the morning continues. so far, very smooth drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. how's this for a little hit from mom and dad. a dating fair for singles in china. >> i feel for them, that's for sure. >> the parents showed up at the blind dating fair in beijing. some carrying posters with their children's personal information. >> wow. >> such a scene is becoming more common in china as more single people become too busy to date. and while the parents are eager to help, one of the organizers
4:57 am
says preliminary results shows a success rate of about 10%. mom's tried to hook me up before, dad too. >> how does that work? >> still single. good effort, though. good effort. >> you have to give credit for that. i had to ask. 4:57, today in the bay, a smoking ban goes up for a vote this week. what residents think about that. >> rubbing it in. plus, oakland police say they're getting overwhelmed with calls. what they're asking residents to do to help keep things organized. and, of course, you know what to do. for all your news, weather, traffic and all sorts of things, might have dating information oo th ochk us out on facebook, seah nbc bay area news.
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused a driver to lose control of his suv. the latest in a live re